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January 27th, 2020

The Disney Difference

Takwan Hargrove

A Few Words from Our Regional Performing Arts Director; Bill Lacey

Few opportunities equal that of performing or learning, on-property at The Walt Disney World Resort. Disney’s history of hosting student performers dates to the original Park, Disneyland, and its founder, Walt Disney. Training the next generation’s performer is a critical component of Disney Performing Arts, and the Workshops conceived & realized by their staff are globally recognized. Second to the learning experiences available, where else can a group of student musicians proudly march in the shadow of a Castle? Or amaze resort guests on a world-class stage, complete with state-of-the-art show support? The Disney experience is unlike any other. 

So, how do you become an Honorary Disney Castmember? The road to success begins with an application process that requires you to submit examples of your group’s capabilities and potential. You’ll need to prepare video examples that best represent your present level of achievement. Disney asks its applicants to show contrasting styles of music so their staff is able to assess your performance and/or learning needs. Along with your exemplar submission, Disney requires you to include a photo of your concert or marching attire. Specific Disney locations have different costuming requirements, so it’s best to submit your best look. In future installments, we’ll consider each performance venue from a costuming standpoint, so stop back often for updated information. World Class Vacations is among the largest student travel companies in the country and is a top travel provider for the Walt Disney World® Resort. In other words, we’ve got you covered… We do Disney like no other company, and it shows. 

Bill Lacey retired after thirty-seven years as a Music Educator in the Northeast and is World Class Vacations’ Regional Performing Arts Director. Connect with him directly at to begin your Disney trip conversation, or to ask those important Disney Performing Arts questions.

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